Sell More. Faster.

One full week of intensive sales development
Real sales experience in action
Multiple startups per tribe
Explore innovative sales tools
Identify and engage with target customers
Hands-on mentorship & guidance
Progress deals along the sales funnel

Who We Are

The SellUp concept was created by a father-daughter dynamic duo. Both have a passion to see people performing at their best. The vision for SellUp is to help companies gain the right strategies and people to acquire their target companies that will help them grow their business through customer traction revenues.

Todd O'Brien - Co-founder

Todd has spent the past 20 years in sales, launching start-ups, selling for corporates and helping small businesses grow and scale.

Mayson O'Brien - Co-founder

Mayson has been an entrepreneur since age 10 when she launched her first business. She has spent the past year and a half helping launch a B2B sales start-up in London.

Jamie Qiu - Advisor

Jamie has led EY's Start-up Challenge for the past 3 years. He brings a broad knowledge and insight to SellUp. Jamie is advising on strategy and operations.

SellUp is finally here!

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Upcoming Tribes

March 27-31 – London, England
May 8-12 – Austin, TX
May 15-9 – Boston, MA